Adobe Photoshop CS5

May 7, 2010

Stacked photoshop boxes for CS5 and CS5 Extended

Photoshop CS5 lauched on 12 Apr 2010, shipped on 30 Apr 2010

Photoshop CS5 was launched on 12 April 2010 as part of the Adobe CS5 Suite. It is the flagship product of Adobe’s entire CS5 release and I am impressed by some of its new features.

I will be delving into some of the main features in more detail over the next few weeks.

The main new features are:

  • Content-aware fill – remove objects or fill in space through automatic cloning
  • HDR Toning – create HDR-like effects from a single exposure
  • Painting effects – natural painterly effects with mixer brushes that blend colours
  • Puppet Warp – reminds me of liquify with more control
  • Automated Lens Correction – using database of preset corrections based on camera model and lenses
  • Mini-Bridge Panel – Bridge right within Photoshop

The enhanced features are:

  • Intelligent selection tools – select hair easier
  • HDR Pro – combine bracketed exposures with more control
  • Adobe Camera Raw 6 – including better sharpening and noise reduction
  • Black-and-White conversion – using Lab Black-and-White technique
  • User-inspired productivity enhancements – things users have been asking for

Features available only for the Extended version:

  • New Repoussé tool for 3D extrusions – pseudo-3D extrusion of text and artwork
  • Enhanced 3D realism and rich materials – wrap and dress up 3D objects
  • Better 3D performance & workflow – more powerful rendering engine

Not so sexy features:

  • Integration with Adobe CS Review – collaboration for creative reviews
  • Cross-platform 64-bit support – faster performance
  • Flexible custom panels – create your own panels for your own convenience
  • Workspace Switcher and live workspaces – quickly switch between saved workspaces for different tasks

I also did a review of Adobe Photoshop CS5 in Digital Life on 28 Apr 2010.


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